Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Lesson Learned :)

Is it God's way of sending an ear to me or letting me sit with someone where I have to listen ? He has his own way of helping people solve problems. He moved my cheese and opened one door. Good that I was able to grab the opportunity. When I started from home, I was a little upset but my way back, She had changed the world for me. She was able to put a smile on my face and bring back life in me.
I realized what I had lost few days back. 
My son's school had organized a Volunteer Recognition Event and I was part of it. Mrs. Anderson's(The Principal) words were very touching. She said, "a little kindness given by us,contributed to the bigger Achievements today." Met another teacher(Grd. 4), whose room was known as "Helping Buddies" when my son was a Kinder. They helped kindergartners with their crafts. I was glad that she remembered him.
A very sweet girl sat besides me and said," I know you. I have seen you in my class. You help us. Your son is a good singer. He plays the piano in Ms. Rehman's class. I am Madina and he is my friend." During class times she was one of the few students whom I had grouped as the "Silent Smarters." Even though they talk in the Classroom, they know how to work things out. 
But the lady for whom I am known at school is Mrs. Shari Chan, Class teacher of my son for the past two years.During the session, we could give each other a few personal talk. We came to know about schooling and graduating and how she came up to this level. I shared about my family and my studies so far. When we talked about our children , we did raise our marriage. She was talking with the flow but I was struck at one point. She was telling how her husband helps her in everything and now she blames him for making her reliable on him. She loves him a lot and May the Almighty keep her life Blessed At all Times.
When she came to Marriage, she said that she had ones learned from a friend, "Marriage is a Team Work. You may have a bad time but think it was a bad game we played and ignore it. Move on for the future and make the Best Team."
Past few days, me and my husband had a small fight. But it lingered for a while and things just screwed up ! While returning from school, I realized, may be this time the team didn't play well but our focus needed to be changed. i had to drag my team away from the critic scenario.And  suddenly there was a peaceful smile, light weighed shoulder and calm ambience around me. I remembered another saying of my cousin," try to find happiness in the small beauties of life there by ignoring the huge difficulties. Then only you can survive and brighten up !"
Life is so simple but at times we just make it complicated. SC and SSP, your words have definitely touched my heart. Lesson learned today, will always be worked on.

Thank you !
Amen !

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