Friday, January 2, 2015

Waiting for my new strength !

One book had made me strong enough to survive all these years .... Whenever low, I used to turn to the book and start reading from any page. After few pages, I used to feel relaxed , settled in some subtle mood , and stay focused on my task. 
My heart used to be free from it's sunken state. But now, while I was looking for some images on google , my eyes got stuck to a page, scrolled back and froth to find something more . Found two beautiful images, images of my soul !
Shaken for a while, sinking for a moment... Tears unwantedly rolled down my cheeks ....
My strength became my weekness for a while :(
Sorry, I am speechless now .....

I am at the same place I was before,
But I want to change the book, for some years more !
FH will be set back for sometime ... Please suggest another novel ...
request ! ..... will be waiting ..
Alas !

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