Friday, January 2, 2015

Mesmerized with its Beauty !!!

Touch wood, so many pleasant views in such a short duration... not even 48 hours of 2015 and my eyes glanced so much ... Feeling Blessed !
Had been to a Very beautiful temple today... Swamynarayan Temple, Chino Hills..
The first view as we entered the parking lot, caught me so deeply that I couldn't wait for everyone to join and entered the premises. I walked slowly, leaving everyone behind. Each step was having its depth! The moment I opened the temple doors, the very first attraction was its changing colored lights.
With every breathe, they were changing.
I held myself for a moment...turned left and right to see Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Raam and Maa Sita... they were glowing ! It felt as if, God himself has poured some glitter on thyself.
After offering prayers, I moved forward, ....
Oh What A Beauty.... If Simplicity can be described as Magnificent, then it was of my
Radha Krishna  ....
Mesmerized ! So Beautiful , So Attractive were my God !!!
I stood there for almost fifteen minutes, glancing at their pastel beauty ... Felt as if they were made to be there and I was made to see them there today ...when I was in need of them .
"Mile honge Radha Krishna issi Avataar main ..."

I am so glad, so happy that I visited the temple the day my heart really wanted to speak out.
In silence, I poured all my words under their feet. Blew my wishes to their forehead .... and Peacefully stepped out.

What A Lovely Day !!
God be with me, and in my arms.
God be with me, and in my dreams !


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