Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chanda ki Doli main, Shehzadi aayi meri !!!

It could be in the year 2002, when one of my friends had given me a cassette tagged "Chanda ki Doli" , an album released by Sonu Nigam. But I had never heared any of the songs. The cassette always took some corner in the shelf. Last night, while I was searching for some good old Sonu Nigam hits, I came across this song. Heard it till the end. But paused for a while and heard it again. It was giving some flash back of good old days but the most touching part was the little girls interaction at the beginning.
It definitely put a smile on me because it reminded me of another little girl named "Sonu."

Irritating but loving Sonu ! God Bless :)

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